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Village of Hope provides education and healthcare to children in need as well as a place to live for those who have nowhere else to go. Village of Hope’s mission is to bring lasting hope to children at risk so that they can embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of society. VOH Zimbabwe currently has 6 children’s homes housing over 40 children. They also have a school which runs from preschool to grade 8 and are in the process of constructing a medical clinic.

The Wasaga Beach House is 1 of 6 children’s homes in the VOH-Zim

There are 8 Villages of Hope in Africa providing education, nutrition and shelter to over 2,000 orphans. Lighthouse Community Church supports the Village of Hope in Harare, Zimbabwe. There are 70 children at the Zimbabwe Village of Hope. Eight of them live at the Wasaga Beach House with Mother Rachel. Over $35,000 was donated and raised through events like the Newfie Night that was held here at the RecPlex. That money was sent directly to Zimbabwe to build the Wasaga Beach House in 2009. Mother Rachel cares for the children’s needs, helps them with school work and teaches them how to help with basic chores and how to be a family. Lighthouse continues to send $500 each month to take care of their household expenses. Wasaga Beach House was originally filled with supplies from Canada taken over by a Mission Team from Lighthouse. They took everything from pots, pans and potato peelers to the curtains hanging in the windows.

Special help has gone over as well in the form of funds to cover medical expenses for Sandra’s intricate stomach operation, school shoes for the children’s uniforms, mattresses and new beds, 20 new school readers and a baby weight scale for the village clinic. The congregation at Lighthouse considers these orphans our own children. Each month through the Child Care Plus program, the children themselves are sponsored. These funds assist the children directly plus benefits the community as a whole.

Lighthouse Community Church values sharing God’s love with others whether here in our own building or across the world in Zimbabwe. Your purchase of jewelry will go above and beyond what we send each month to assist the work in the Village of Hope.